“We could have banged through it, but we’re taking the time to get it right. The quality of the performance attested to that care, with standout turns by Oliver Mercer, tenor, as Jephtha and Jakub Jozef Orlinski, countertenor, as Hamor.”

“When the Bach so beloved of St. Paul’s audiences announced his presence with the opening of Cantata No. 170, “Vergnügte Ruh” (“Delightful Rest”), a warm bath in his best lullaby mode. Jakub Jozef Orlinski, a fine young countertenor, sang this and other works beautifully.”

“The standout of the evening was Polish countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński. Every note he sang and each expressive element of his arias was spectacularly executed. “But who may abide” had a tender opening with a magical tone. Register changes were seamless and effortless. In “He was despised” Orliński sang with understated emotion that drew the listener in, plumbing a striking level of expressive pathos. This young singer, still a student at Juilliard, clearly has an exciting future.”

Appearance on the cover and an interview for Das Opernglas magazine.

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Das Operenglas

February 2016

“The Polish countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński combined beauty of tone and an uncommon unity of color and polish across his range in selections by Britten and Handel.”

Appearance in Sound Bites in December issue of Opera News magazine.

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December 2016

“The Endimione, Polish countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński, was the most striking singer in the eager young cast. A skillful actor with a handsome face and figure, Orlinski has a congenially boyish presence; the role of the shepherd who pines for the goddess Diana gave Orlinski few opportunities for the florid music that is evidently his specialty, but he phrases with professional-quality musicality and intelligence…

He is clearly an artist to watch.”